PART 2: Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures-5th Ed. – Test Only Mailed


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Purchase PART2 Book & Test then purchase PART1 Test Only. (Covers Chapters 33 through 65 of the textbook)

This AHRA​ and CRA (Certified Radiology Administrator) approved Interventional Radiology X-Ray Continuing Education course focuses on fluoroscopy and multi-modality protocols and equipment with in-depth discussions about indications, preparation, technique, and prevention and managment of complications. It includes clinical practice of interventional radiology, organizational/operational issues, nursing management, and use and management of pharmacological therapies. It disucusses quality techniques/assurance, risk management, radiation safety, and infection control.

CALIFORNIA: Meets continuing educ. requirements, includes 4 hr digital
TEXAS: Directly related
IOWA: Accepted
​CRA domains: Operations Mgt., Asset Mgt.