PART 2: Nuclear Medicine and PET CT (8th Ed) E-Book & Test


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SATISFY 2 BIENNIUMS with ONE BOOK!!!!! (Call for Details)
Purchase PART 1 Book & Test then purchase PART 2 Test Only. (PART 2 Covers Chapters 13 through 24 of the textbook)

This nuclear medicine continuing education course provides information on instrumentation, CT physics, principles of MRI, brain and cardiac imaging, digital imaging including image co-registration (fusion), radiochemistry and radiopharmacology, individualized therapies, molecular imaging, cellular and molecular biology,  increased focus on the operation of the 99Mo-99mTc generator and PET radiopharmaceuticals. It also reviews basic information on math, physics, technology/techniques, patient care and radiation protection.

CALIFORNIA: Meets continuing educ. requirements, includes 4 hr digital
TEXAS: Directly related
NMTCB: Accepted
IOWA: Accepted