Radiolographic Image Analysis – 5th Ed

29.5 ARRT® Cat. A Credit Hrs.            R019-5

Radiographic Image AnalysisThis course lays the foundation for evaluating projections, and outlines technical and digital imaging concepts.  It details image analysis guidelines for commonly performed radiographic procedures via accurately positioned projections with labeled anatomy and discusses topics relating to positioning for patient condition variations and nonroutine situations.
Expiring: Must submit answer sheet by 5/31/2022.

CALIFORNIA: Meets continuing educ. requirements, Includes 4 hrs digital radiography
FLORIDA: FLDOH-BRC approved  For State of Florida Technologists only: MUST SUBMIT ANSWER SHEET BY 1/30/2022 to receive full 29.5 Hrs. Credit.  Starting 2/1/2022 this course will decrease to 15 credit hrs. for Florida only. Call with any questions.
TEXAS: Directly related
IOWA: Accepted

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