nd. To save you time, Scrubs Continuing Education has summarized general information and answers to FAQ’s below. If you have any other general questions, please call us at 866-424-0601. This is NOT legal advice. For specific licensing or legal questions please contact ARRT® or your state radiology licensing agency.
If you have not tested with us previously, then check out Scrubs CE x-ray continuing education courses. If you or your friend have the book, you can save money by purchasing the test only from Scrubs Continuing Education®!
Courses include a textbook (or document) and a post test. Savings can be achieved when two or more Techs order one book & test with an additional test. Group discounts are also available. Please contact Scrubs CE at 866-424-0601 . Courses are good for testing for one year from date of purchase unless otherwise stated. Courses expire after one year from date of purchase.
Twenty-four (24) category A credits are required every two years (biennium) for ARRT® license renewal. Our courses are ASRT® / AHRA® approved for ARRT® category A or A+ credits.  For more information please visit the website of your specific organization. ARDMS® accepts ASRT®-approved courses.
Some states have specific requirements. If your state requires a license, it is your responsibility to contact your state radiology licensing agency for state specific radiology continuing education requirements. State Licensing Agency MOST states accept courses that are accepted for  ARRT®.
CALIFORNIA:  If you hold an RHF license you must complete a 4 hr. FLUOROSCOPY RADIATION SAFETY course.  Fluoroscopy safety and/or radiation safety CME courses are required for…Certified radiologic technologists (CRT) with RTF permit, Radiology supervisors and operators, Fluoroscopy permit holders, Physician Assistants & Supervisors/Operators (physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, etc.). Everyone must complete 4 hours in DIGITAL RADIOGRAPHY.Most of our courses are accepted by California, but not all accepted courses meet the 4 hour DIGITAL and/or FLUOROSCOPY RADIATION SAFETY REQUIREMENT.  To verify, please check the information provided by the description of the course and it will state if the course meets the DIGITAL and/or FLUOROSCOPY requirement. To see the complete renewal requirements be sure to visit the California Department of Health web page at:   https://www.cdph.ca.gov/rhb   or contact them directly at:   California Department of Health, Radiologic Health Branch, MS 7610, P.O. Box 997414  Sacramento, CA 95899-7414   (916) 327-5106 ● (916) 440-7999 FAX.
Shipping and Handling is $13.00 for priority mail via USPS (usually 2 to 4 business days), $10.00 for media mail (5 to 10 days). There is a shipping/handling fee for all mailed items. Express shipping (generally 1 to 2 business days guaranteed) is available for a charge of $30.00 per course upon request during normal business hours. If you need a course in a hurry, call Customer Service at 866-424-0601, and we’ll work together to figure out the best delivery method for you.
Certificate of Completion is usually issued the same business day. The postmark, or timestamp of the fax or internet returned test determines the issue date on your certificate of completion based on EST (Eastern Standard Time). The certificate can be emailed or faxed. Under a time crunch?!?!?!? We understand. Give us a call! We’ll do our best to make sure your test is graded promptly and your certificate of completion is emailed or faxed to you quickly. Need your certificate faxed back? Just circle YES on your answer sheet to the question “Do you need your certificate faxed to you?” and provide a good fax number. Fax service is available during normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), Mon. through Fri.  Want the certificate NOW?  With each order one of your options is to TEST ONLINE which gives you an immediate certificate upon passing, and the certificate is also emailed to you as a PDF attachment.  It’s fast.
Scrubs CE does NOT report your credits to ARRT®. You will receive a form from ARRT® where you list information about the credits earned. ARRT® does random audits to determine validity of credits claimed. You can also renew with ARRT® online.
If you fail the test  (get below a score of 75%), we will notify you. You are allowed 3 attempts to achieve a score of 75% or higher after which you will no longer be eligible to take the test.  This is an ARRT® rule that we must follow.  There will be no refund for the test, if you fail. The test will be considered taken. 
Limited x-ray license holders are allowed to take ONLY continuing education courses that relate to their scope(s) of practice in which he/she is licensed. For example, if you are licensed in multiple areas, such as head and chest, you can take your choice of courses related to the head and chest. But if you are only licensed in extremities, you cannot take courses related to head and chest. Your course must be related to extremities. If you are required to report your radiology continuing education hours to the ARRT®, you cannot take the same x-ray continuing education course twice and receive credit.
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Activities may be available in multiple formats or from different sponsors. ARRT® regulations state that an individual may not repeat a self-learning activity for credit if it was reported in the same biennium. All Scrubs CE x-ray continuing education courses are ASRT® or AHRA® approved for ARRT® Category A or A+ CE credits.