Nuclear Medicine: The Requisites

25.0 ARRT® Cat A Credit Hrs.     R070-1  Available as E-BOOK ONLY!

Nuclear Medicine The RequisitesThis Nuclear Medicine CE course provides an intro, review and updates in Nuclear Medicine. It includes newly approved radiopharmaceuticals and the basic concepts of the developing field of Molecular Imaging. It emphasizes pharmacokinetics, uptake, distribution and clearance of radiopharmaceuticals, and discusses disease pathophysiology.

CALIFORNIA: Accepted. Satisfies all Nuclear Medicine ScopesDiagnostic in vivo, in vitro tests including venipuncture (NI)-5 CH, Imaging including venipuncture-10 CH, GEnerators and reagentkits-5 CH, Internal radioactive material therapy-5 CH.  Satisfies four (4) hr Digital Radiography CE requirement.
TEXAS: Directly related
IOWA: Accepted

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