Are you a radiologic technologist?

If so, you have one of the most interesting and rewarding jobs in the world! Every day, you get to create images that can provide clear answers to your patients’ most probing health concerns.

However, it’s no secret that X-ray technology is constantly changing, updating, and improving. As such, it’s important to pursue continuing education (CE) to ensure you’re up-to-date on the latest developments.

Thankfully, you can register for X-ray CE courses completely online! Our user-friendly platform makes it easy. Today, we’re sharing the steps to take to get started, so read on!

Why Do I Need Continuing Education?

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) requires that all X-ray technicians and imaging professionals pursue a certain number of CE courses per year to stay on top of recent developments and breakthroughs in the industry. 

These courses are also offered as refresher training to help employees stay sharp and perfect the everyday skills required to succeed in the job.

Radiologic technologists (R.T.® ) will need to complete 24 credits of approved CE activities every two years. These can be either “A” or “A+” credits.

Any registered radiologic assistant (R.R.A®) will need to complete 50 credits. All of these credits must be  “A+” credits.

You can pursue a variety of activities to count toward your CE requirements. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to report all of them to the AART®. Some of the activities you might complete include:

  • Online courses
  • Self-study readings
  • Seminars, lectures, webinars, and simulcasts

Once you become an R.T.®, you’ll report your CE activities to the ARRT® every two years. That two-year period is called a “biennium” and you can find your specific dates by logging into your ARRT® account. You will also get a notice from ARRT®. The CE reporting stage is part of your annual renewal process. 

Specializations and State-Specific Requirements

In some cases, your modality will play a role in the specific kinds of courses you take. For instance, an R.T.® specializing in sonography must ensure that 16 out of the 24 credits taken are related to that discipline.

In addition, some states have their own CE requirements for R.T.®s. These include California, Texas, and Florida.  All other states accept ARRT® Category A or A+.

In Texas, 12 of the 24 CE credits obtained by an R.T.® must be in ionizing radiation. In addition, you’ll need to obtain three of the credits via live instruction.

In California, your CE credits must relate to “X-ray to the human body”. This includes four credits in digital radiography and four credits on fluoroscopy radiation safety for professionals with a fluoroscopy permit.

Florida X-ray CE courses must be approved by the Department of Health Bureau of Radiation Control (DOH-BRC) and a provider such as Scrubs Continuing Education must also be registered with the State of Florida.

Registering Online for X-Ray CE Courses

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be.

While the CE requirements for radiologic technologists might be stringent, they aren’t impossible to meet. We understand that it can feel impossible to squeeze traditional classroom time into your already-packed schedule.

In addition to your full-time job, you also have a personal life. You need an option that will allow you to balance both while still fulfilling your professional obligations. 

That’s why we started SCRUBSCE®.

Our online learning platform allows you to complete the CE credits you need to maintain your credentials and excel at your work. Our X-ray courses are approved by the following RCEEMs:

  • The American Society of Radiologic Technologists® (ASRT®)
  • The American Healthcare Radiology Administrators® (AHRA®)

All of our courses are approved for ARRT® Category “A”or “A+” CE credits. 

Step 1: Browse Our Course Offerings

When you’re ready to enroll, head first to our Radiology CE Courses page.

Here, you’ll find a large selection of low-cost online courses that can meet both “A” and “A+” CE requirements.

We also offer home study courses and free online testing. When you take and pass any test on our platform, we’ll immediately issue a certificate of completion for your records. 

Many of the courses you can find on our site will help you complete your CE biennium credits in their entirety. These include:

  • Practical Radiographic Imaging: 26 credit hours
  • Practical Radiology: 24 credit hours
  • Cardiology Secrets: 33.25 credit hours
  • Radiologic Imaging Sciences and Patient Care: 43.5 credit hours

These are only a select few of the courses we offer, so make sure to scroll through and see which ones appeal to you.

Note that while the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography® (ARDMS®) will accept any of the ASRT®-approved courses on our list, other industry organizations will only select certain courses. These organizations include:

  • The American Registry of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologists® (ARMRIT®)
  • Cardiovascular Credentialing International® (CCI®)
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board® (NMTCB®)
  • Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist® (RCIS®)

Step 2: View Course Features

Once you’ve found the course you want to take, you can click the “View Course” button to learn more about it.

On this page, you can read a description of the course material and verify if it meets your state’s specific CE requirements.

Step 3: Select Course Purchase Option

On the same “View Course” page, you can view the different types of course or test purchase options along with their associated prices. A few of the most common types include:

  • E-book and test
  • Test only (mailed)
  • Test only (emailed)
  • Book and test (mailed)

Once you’ve decided on the option that meets your needs, click on it and add it to your cart. Then, you can proceed to checkout and follow the instructions on your screen to pay for your course material.

Browse Our Selection of Radiology CE Courses Today

As a radiology professional, you’re always learning, even on the job. Yet, formal training is required to help you maintain your certification and provide your patients with the best of care.

When you’re ready to enroll in X-ray CE courses, we’re here to help. Follow the steps above to view our full inventory of course options and begin your educational journey today.

If you have any questions, reach out to us! We’re here to help you excel in your career and keep moving ahead, one credit at a time.