Essentials of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

24.0  ARRT® Cat. A Credit Hrs.               R119-7  

Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

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This course includes but is not limited to solid-state detectors, dementia evaluation, myocardial perfusion imaging and quantitation protocols, advances in radiopharmaceuticals, use of PET/CT for theranostics, and radiation biology. It discusses radioactivity, radionuclides, radiopharmaceuticals, radioimmunotherapy, conventional neoplasm imaging, and inflammation and infection imaging.

CALIFORNIA: Accepted. Satisfies all Nuclear Medicine Scopes: Diagnostic in vivo, in vitro tests including venipuncture (NI)-6 CH, Imaging including venipuncture-8 CH, GEnerators and reagentkits-5 CH, Internal radioactive material therapy-5 CH.  Satisfies four (4) hr Digital Radiography CE requirement.
TEXAS: Directly related
IOWA: Accepted

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