Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures 

24 ARRT® Cat A Credit Hrs.            R125-5          AVAILABLE AS TEST ONLY

Interventional Radiology HandbookThis CE course focuses on fluoroscopy, multi-modality protocols, equipment, discussions about indications, preparation, imaging technique, prevention and managment of complications. It includes clinical practice of interventional radiology and use and management of pharmacological therapies. It disucusses quality techniques/assurance, risk management, radiation safety, and infection control.

CALIFORNIA: Meets continuing educ. requirements, includes 4 hrs digital radiography
FLORIDA: Technical–Technologists must SELF-SUBMIT this continuing education (CE) course.
Go to https://www.scrubsce.com/fl-continuing-education-self-submission-information/for information on CE self-submission.
TEXAS: Directly related     
IOWA: Accepted


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