To meet ARRT®’s CE requirements, all registered radiologic technologists must earn 24 Continuing Education Category A or A+ credits. You complete the course and earn the credits within two years, a period known as a biennium.

Your biennium begins on the first day of your birth month in the year you receive your credentials. It ends on the last day of the month before your birth month two years later.  That means you must complete your Radiology CE course, take the test and receive a certificate dated by the end of the month before your birth month the year that your credits are due.

You can complete CE credits at any time during this 2-year period or biennium. If you earn more Radiography CE credits than you need during one biennium, you cannot transfer the remaining credits into the next biennium.

The Radiology Continuing Education course that you take must be approved by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM) to be accepted by ARRT®. Good luck on your test!