If you need radiology CE credits, a combination e-course might be a good way to get the most bang for your buck. Here are the benefits of combo e-courses.

Did you know that it can take up to 12 minutes before you’re fully engaged with what you’re learning?

Continuing education in radiology can be of great value (not to mention, fun!) with eCourse learning. Course materials are taught through an interactive platform. 

All radiographers must complete their continuing education to stay compliant with regulations set by The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT®) certification program. 

Are you in need of radiology CE credits? With a combined eCourse program, you can save time and money while working to keep your license up to date. 

Maybe you’re considering a certification in an entirely new field? We have the course work you need to become certified quickly. 

Why a Combo eCourse Is the Best Option for Radiographers

A combo eCourse is the best option for radiographers because the courses meet the required CE credit hours needed for your biennium period. They also allow users to clinch the material concepts and ideologies faster, due to better visual program design. 

The users are more interactive with their work – and the information is presented in a way that’s more retainable and awarding for the user experience, creating a more successful way of learning. 

When you order your study materials, not only will you receive your course work, but also tests. After you pass the exams, you’ll be sent a certificate of completion. 

What Are the Radiology CE Requirements?

It’s mandatory that all radiologic technologists (R.T.®s) complete 24 category A or A+ credits as part of their radiology CE requirements. You’ll begin this work in the two-year period known as biennium, which is how long you have to complete your coursework and renew your certification and license registration. 

Technologists who work in the field of sonography need to complete 16 of 24 credits in training that’s related to their field. Registered Radiology Assistants® (R.R.A.®s) must complete 50 credits during their biennium period to satisfy their continuing education requirements. 

Are you asking yourself, “What’s a biennium?” If this is your first one, don’t fret. 

As mentioned above, it’s a two-year educational period set in place by the ARRT®. Every radiographer is given an ARRT® ID number that’s joined with their birth month, as well as the year he or she passed their licensing exam. 

Training begins on the first day of your birth month and ends two years later on the day right before your birth month begins. Once you’ve completed your radiology CE courses, you should renew your license at arrt.org

Doing this will ensure you stay compliant and current on your licensing – no holdbacks! The good news is that you only need to do this once every other year. 

How Do I Earn Credits?

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® has a preset credit amount for you to complete and pass. 

You can continue your education through eCourses. We have all types of online courses and tests, including X-ray and radiology CE courses and credits. 

The contiuing education courses we provide are reviewed and approved by RCEEMs for ARRT® A or A+ CE credit. If your state has specific requirements regarding your credits, please reach out to your state-governing radiology licensing agency for CEU credit details. 

There may be some confusion about what makes a Category A credit versus a Category A+ credit. Since they’re both accepted by the ARRT®, there couldn’t be that much of a difference, right? Don’t get ahead of yourself, just yet. 

Let’s discuss this, so you know the type that you need to buy. 

Category A CE Credit Courses:

  1. Must be approved by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM)
  2. A recognized continuing education evaluation mechanism (RCEEM) is an organization that ARRT® has approved to evaluate the content, quality, and integrity of proposed continuing education (CE) activities. Specifically, RCEEMs evaluate an activity’s educational objectives, content relevancy and accuracy, faculty qualifications, and education methods and materials used by radiologic technologists.

Category A+ CE Credit Courses: 

  1.  RCEEMs are authorized to award Category A designation to any proposed CE activity that meets ARRT®’s requirements. RCEEM+s can award A+ credit hours. .Below are a few RCEEEM+s. American Society of Radiologic Technologists® (ASRT®), the Radiology Society of North America® (RSNA®), or the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging® (SNMMI®).
  2. Category A+ credits are used by registered radiology assistants but can be taken by radiologic technolgists.

Registered radiology assistants must complete their 50 credits in the A+ category. This is because the materials must be related to the criteria set for R.R.A.®s.  

Whatever you decide, just know we have the courses you’re seeking!

Radiologic technnologists, on the other hand, can study courses in both A and A+ CE categories.

In order for your CE credits to count, you must have completed and passed the 24 hour credit continuing education requirement. Just so you know, a passing grade is a 75 percent or above. 

You’ll have three attempts to pass the test. Once you’ve accomplished that, you’ll have completed the course and a “certificate of completion” will be awarded. 

When the certificate is emailed or faxed to you, be sure to update ARRT® with your earned credits. Please note: credits can’t roll over to the next biennium term.

To “Ace” the Test… 

We get it, looking for course work and study materials to complete your American Registry of Radiologic Technologist® biennium requirement is a lot. Fortunately, we have the radiology and X-ray continuing education credits you need to be compliant. 

An eCourse in your field of work, or a package deal with our eCourse combo sets, will help you earn those 24 or 50 CE credits fast!

We have the online manuals and study materials you need to stay compliant. Your radiology career requires it. 

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