Are you looking for affordable nuclear medicine continuing education options?

Nuclear medicine technologists need 24 CE hours every 2 years. If you miss any of those hours, you’ll lose your certification! Thankfully, you can find nuclear medicine CE courses online, and they’re affordable too.

What courses will you need to keep growing your career? With so many available, it can be tricky deciding. To help make things easier, we’ve created this short guide. 

What do you need to know about the CE courses for nuclear medicine? Read on to find out.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Course

Are you looking into taking the certified nuclear medicine technologist course? In California, this course involves specific scopes like diagnostic in vivo tests., in vitro tests, venipuncture, generators and reagent kits.

The California nuclear medicine scopes also include internal radioactive material therapy education.

Not sure if the course meets your state requirements? You can always call for a complete scope breakdown. Understanding the elements of the course, guarantees you’re picking the right CE.

Savings Opportunity

If you’re looking to save money, you can also look into opportunities to simply buy the test only, if you’re comfortable with the material. 

We suggest updating your study techniques to guarantee a passing score. When you successfully complete the test, you can receive an instant certification with online testing as one of your options. 

Nuclear Medicine and PET CT

An ARRT®-accepted course you’ll want to consider is Nuclear Medicine and PET CT.  The course provides the information you’ll need to be up-to-date with nuclear medicine technology.

By staying up to date with the most current safety trends, you’ll be able to prepare for a bright future. The course addresses present practices and prospective future developments. This information can be helpful as you transition into new positions.

Topics addressed in the PET CT course include PET application and molecular imaging. The course also covers cellular and molecular biology, and biochemistry applications. 

The Nuclear Medicine and PET CT course satisfies California State scope requirements. You’ll have the option to either buy the book and test or purchase the test only.

This course is also NMBCT accepted and meets radiology requirements for all states.

Nuclear Medicine Case Review Series

Another continuing education course is the nuclear medicine case review series. You’ll get a chance to learn about the different advances in technology and how they’ll affect your job role as a nuclear medicine technologist. By learning about nuclear medicine physics, you’ll be putting yourself in a position of success.

Advances in technology include pharmaceuticals and effects, clinical cases, and radiation safety. The nuclear medicine case review series even includes course information on PET/CT. You’ll find that this course meets the state requirements for California, Florida, Texas, and Iowa.

Nuclear Medicine: The Requisites

What about nuclear medicine requisites should you be aware of? As a nuclear medicine technologist, you’ll need to be up to date with the latest safety practices to keep you and your patients safe at all times.

The nuclear medicine CE course will give you an introduction to nuclear medicine. You’ll also get a chance to review the different materials that technologists need to be familiar with.

This course focuses on pharmacokinetics and clearance of radiopharmaceuticals. However, it still covers the distribution of radiopharmaceuticals and disease pathophysiology. You’ll also be able to learn about distribution and clearance.

You’ll learn about new and improved radiopharmaceuticals. You’ll also learn about the updated concepts for developing molecular field imaging.

Essentials of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging

One of the exciting core classes you might consider is the Essentials of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. 

One of the topics discussed is solid-state detectors. You’ll go on to learn about myocardial perfusion imaging and quantitation protocols. The course also discusses dementia evaluation, the latest about radiopharmaceuticals and how to properly use PET/CT for theranostics.

You will learn about the latest updates in radiation biology, the different risks of radioactive materials and radioactivity.

What are the best practices for handling radiopharmaceuticals? How should you proceed with delivering radioimmunotherapy? These are some of the topics that the Essentials of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging covers. 

You’ll learn about radionuclides and conventional neoplasm imaging. Part of the course also goes over inflammation and infection imaging.

For those who prefer to hold a book in their hand, you can buy a physical book for the essentials of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging course.

Starting Nuclear Medicine Continuing Education Courses

Now let’s talk about getting things started. If you haven’t tested with a continuing education provider previously, review all of the courses they offer. Make sure they have the correct course certifications.

All of your courses should be approved for ARRT® Category A or A+ CEUs. Find an continuing educatoin provider whose nuclear medicine continuing education courses are accepted by NMTCB. 

After successfully completing each course test, you’ll receive a certificate of completion.  

Test-Only Options

There are a lot of savings opportunities for CE courses. For instance, do you have a friend already taking the course? Ask them if you can borrow their book. Then you can purchase the test-only option and save a lot!

If you don’t already have a book available and are unfamiliar with the course material, you’ll need to purchase a physical book or ebook.  

Convenient Ebooks

Ebooks are the preferred choice among some students. An ebook is a digital book; you can access it via the internet. You never have to worry about misplacing your ebook, and it’s much easier to carry around!

Group Discount

Do you have a colleague who also needs to take the course? Save money by ordering one book with an additional test.

There are also group discount opportunities available. You’ll need to call the continuing education provider directly to explore the current discounts.

What About State-Specific Requirements?

How can you be sure the CE course you’re signing up for will provide you with the credit you need? Some states will have a unique way of approaching nuclear medicine continuing education. It’s your responsibility to double-check that you’re picking courses that align with your state. 

Does your state require a license? Then contact the radiology licensing agency in your state for clarification. Ask for a state-specific list of radiology continuing education requirements. Typically, a state licensing agency will accept almost any course if it has been accepted for ARRT.

Usually, the courses are good for testing for one year from the date of purchase, unless otherwise listed on the website. That means you could purchase the course now and wait months before you begin it.

California Requirements for Certified Radiologic Technologists

Do you hold an RHF license? Then you’re required to complete a 4-Hour radiation course for fluoroscopy safety.

Safety courses for fluoroscopy and radiation are mandatory, no matter what. If you’re a certified radiologic technologist with an RHF permit, you’ll need those courses. 

Fluoroscopy permit holders, physician assistants, supervisors, and physicians must also complete a fluoroscopy radiation safety course. Even chiropractors and podiatrists have to take the course.

Digital Radiography Requirements

In California, you must complete 4 hours of digital radiography to satisfy your digital radiography continuing education requirements.

Before signing up for a course, you should always double-check the course description. Verify that the course will satisfy the state’s digital and/or fluoroscopy requirements.

If you’re unsure about the latest renewal requirements, you can double-check them online. The California Department of Health posts the latest renewal requirements to make things easy for you.

What About Limited X-Ray License Holders?

Are you an x-ray limited license holder? You should focus on taking courses with direct relation to your role.

For instance, let’s say that your career focus is on head and chest x-rays. In this situation, you’d be able to pick whatever continuing education courses you like that relate directly to the head and chest.

However, if you specialize in extremities, you wouldn’t qualify for courses relating to the head and chest. Instead, you’d need to take courses that relates directly to extremities.

How Does the Certificate of Completion Work?

How will you receive your certificate of completion? After you finish a course and complete the test, you can receive your certificate of completion within the same business day if you fax, or scan and email your answer sheet.

If you take your test on a Sunday, you can expect your certificate by the end of Monday. The timestamp of the fax, email, or the internet determines the completion date of your certificate. Certificates are timestamped using Eastern Standard Time.

How will you receive your certificate? That’s entirely up to you? You can choose to have your certificate immediately emailed and/or faxed, if you state that on the answer sheet.

If you’re dealing with a time crunch, call. There can be an exception that can be made to help expedite grading your test. 

Fax service is only going to be available during business hours. You’ll always want to test online if you need your certificate immediately after achieving a passing score. That certificate will also be emailed to you as a PDF attachment. It’s super fast.

Build a Bright Career in Nuclear Medicine

It’s clear to see that there’s a lot that goes into nuclear medicine continuing education. That’s why you should start planning your courses now.

At ScrubsCE, we pride ourselves on offering a convenient and effective learning model. Thanks to our varied pricing structure, you’ll only have to purchase what you need.

Our goal is to provide high-quality, low-cost CE courses online and for home study. You’ll receive free online testing with any purchase! Take a peek at all of the courses we have to offer in nuclear medicine now.